E-business and UX Design – Importance for modern companies

E-business and UX Design – Importance for modern companies

Want in on a secret?

Whether you have an established ecommerce website or an online store, you can boost customer conversion rates up to 400%! Impressive, right?

According to findings from Forrester Research, you can do that simply by developing a frictionless UX design.

The world of e-commerce is extremely competitive. Businesses are fighting for the same space and online recognition. So you’ve got to grab your customers – the more, the better – and make them keep coming back to your brand.

The simplest way to make the online experience memorable is to help customers find information or complete a transaction as quickly as possible. Here are some ways you can create a pleasant experience for your customers and stay a step ahead of the competition.

  • 1. Optimize for mobile

Today’s topmost demand is mobile optimization, enabling consumers to multitask while on the go. Everyone is using a mobile device, so this is where you have got to be. Statista claims that mobile devices account for 48 percent of all web page views. What’s more, all new sites are being indexed using Google’s mobile-first indexing. Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems will now utilize the mobile version of your page to rank you for mobile-initiated searches.

Pro tip: 

Identify the metrics that define your audience and where you stand in the industry. Use tools like Alexa to check the audience demographics and engagement of your visitors. Understand the core priorities of your customers and make their interaction as convenient as possible.

  • 2. Maximize loading speeds

People are busy and have shorter attention spans. They expect rapid responses. Visitors will abandon a slow site.

People expect you to offer them a smoother and speedier shopping experience. So if your website fails to upload quickly, you are at risk of losing your customers. According to CrazyEgg, a one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16% and 7% loss in conversion.

Pro tip:

Use a software application like Gzip to compress your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. Reduce redirects and optimize images. More importantly, improve server response times by looking for performance bottlenecks.

  • 3. Make it easy to navigate

A cluttered site with poor navigation can easily confuse and disorient people. The design should guide customers through your estore. KoMarketing says that you could lose 37% of your customers through poor website design.

Make it easier for shoppers to explore all the options that your brand is offering. Notice how retailers such as Walmart offer an organized main menu so customers can immediately navigate to pages that are offering products that they need.

Talk about navigation, we can’t forget Amazon. This online ecommerce giant has extensive vertical navigation links. They don’t clutter the page and keep the whole website fully accessible.

Pro tip: 

Online shops and e-commerce websites should provide additional assistance through search and sort options. Categorize all your products highlighted in your main menu. Enhance UX by offering extended services through filters such as price, color, size, location, etc. Get the most professional assistance from any of these ux research companies.

To create extra oomph, add voice search. Nearly 30-50% of future searches will be completed through voice in the coming years.

  • 4. Personalize the experience

People are perpetually busy, trying to squeeze in tasks while waiting in line or during lunch break. Establish a more meaningful relationship with customers by personalizing content. Provide suggestions based on prior transactions. Help people find products that they are more likely to approve of. Not only does this speed up the shopping process, but it also finalizes a sale in the shortest time possible.

Pro tip:

Add on to the level of personalization that you are currently offering. Save the customer’s spot in previously searched content. Users that have been interrupted while searching can continue where they left off. I don’t know about anyone else, but this one’s a winner for me! 

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