Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

There is a common saying – “A healthy mind or soul lives in a healthy body”. It is absolutely true as your mind/soul will only be healthy & happy if you have a disease-free healthy body. This same rule is applicable to your oral or dental hygiene as well. We believe that “A healthy mouth holds a beautiful smile which in turn holds a beautiful personality”.  Just like your overall health, dental health is also important to keep your teeth & gums healthy. If you take proper care of your oral hygiene then it will prevent bad breath tooth decay and other dental diseases. It can also help you maintain the good health of your teeth as you get older. For more information about healthy supplements visit patchmd.com.

Dental hygiene is essential that’s why different brands are introducing new dental care products every day. People have also started considering it important and understood that a healthy mouth will help them stay away from different medical disorders. If you have gum disease, it may increase your risk of serious health issues like heart attack, poorly controlled diabetes, stroke, and preterm labor. The case for good oral hygiene is getting stronger. All you need to do is understand the significance of oral health and its connection to the overall health of a human body.


The health of your mouth has to do a lot about your overall health. A gaze inside your mouth or a swab of saliva can tell a lot about what’s actually going inside your body. Saliva plays a significant role in protecting you against several invaders. Sometimes it fails to do its job as a result of which bacteria thrive in your mouth and constantly form plaque. Plaque is a sticky colorless film that attaches to your teeth. Improper cleaning or brushing will increase the plaque and creating an environment for additional bacteria which will start accumulating and mushrooming inside the gaps between your teeth and gums. This will further give birth to other diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, and trench mouth.


Everyone should look forward to visiting a dentist for a regular checkup. Very often people make excuses to skip visiting a dentist due to several reasons like cost of the treatment, dental anxiety, and busy schedule. Timely and regular dental checkups are also essential to gain insight regarding your dental health. Let’s have a look at the various reasons why you should not skip seeing your dentist. These include:

Formation Of Plaque, Cavities & Tartar: Sometimes, even after you use top-quality products, there is always a portion of your mouth which is left without cleaning and later develops plaque. Over a period of time, this plaque gets hard and becomes tartar which can only be removed by the dentist. Therefore, if you go for regular dental checkups, the doctor will ensure that there is no plaque formation and cavities in your teeth.

To Avoid Dental Diseases: If you don’t get your teeth checked by the expert, then plaque and tartar keep on building which will erode the tissues in the gums. When there is a strong presence of tartar in the mouth, gum infections will be common.  Gum diseases cause:

·         Bleeding From The Gums

·         Soreness In The Mouth

·         Swelling Of The Gums

A regular dental checkup can considerably help patients avoid gum diseases.

Impact of Your Lifestyle On Dental Health: Several habits could potentially impact your oral health in a negative way. Some of the lifestyle habits that could cause oral health ailments to include:

·         Biting nails

·         Brushing aggressively

·         Chewing ice

·         Consuming sticky or hard sweets

·         Drinking coffee or wine

·         Grinding teeth against each other

·         Smoking

If you visit your dentist on a regular basis, it will help your dentists to gain insights regarding the damage caused by the above-mentioned lifestyle habits. After analyzing your mouth, your dentist will perform a few treatments or suggest a few changes that you might need to make in your lifestyle to avoid further complications.

Oral Cancer Detection: One of the most severe diseases among different dental diseases is Oral cancer. Diagnosis of oral cancer could be a bit tricky as the dentist have to carefully scan through your mouth to detect any signs of oral cancer. If oral cancer symptoms are detected at an early stage it makes the treatment of oral cancer crucial and makes you avoid complications in the future.

Jawbone X-ray To Detect Abnormalities:  Visiting dentist on a regular basis is also important so that you can get your jaw bone x-rayed. The X-ray images let dental professionals analyze surfaces beneath your mouth. In addition, if there are some abnormalities (minute ones) that are not visible through the naked eye then X-ray can easily detect them.  Swelling, decay in the bone, tumor, cysts, etc. can be easily through jawline X-rays which is not possible to detect. Hence, it is vital to visit a dentist for a routine dental checkup.

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